People in Visby

Almedalsveckan/Almedalen Week

is from 30 june to 7th of July 2019.

Almedalen spirit

During this week, somthing that many many call the Almedalen spirit prevails. The week quite simply has a special atmosphere, to which the time and place have definitely contributed. Almedalen Week is an unusual combination of political summit and openness. However, it is also associated with an informal atmosphere, intimacy, discussion, democracy, manoeuvring, seminars and further education and training.

The parliamentary political parties are at the heart of Almedalen Week. Their participation, with seminars, press conferences and speeches from Almedalen, forms the basis of the event. However, other events are at least as important. 

For many, the week is a fantastic opportunity to meet others within their own organisation as well as other organisations and also to meet the general public in an uncomplicated and pleasant environment. The participants who return year after year maintain their contacts and make new ones.


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Two web sites

The official program can be found on this website. For more information about Almedalsveckan, visit our information web site.

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