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How can milestones, dialogue & digitisation increase action to reach the 2030 Agenda & Paris Accord?

2022 Initiative Foundation, Climate Reality Project Europe, Sustainable Development Sweden AB, We Don't Have Time
5/7 2021 15:00 - 17:00
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In 2022 it is halfway in the 2030 Agenda and halfway to 2030 since the Paris Climate Accord, but we risk being far from halfway in its implementation. With milestones, dialogues & digitisation we can accelerate action & by linking to the Stockholm+50 UN Conference we can drive engagement worldwide.

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To reach the SDGs and stay below 1,5°C global warming agreed in Paris we need to speed up. 2022 marks a special year for sustainability dialogues. It is 50 years since the first UN Conference on the Environment was held in Stockholm and UNEP was formed. 2022 is also halfway to 2030 since 2015 when world leaders agreed on both the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement. It’s easy to set long-term goals, but how do we get action now? We know that it’s urgent. It’s about our children’s future. The pandemic has shown that rapid action and global collaboration is possible. The Nordics are in the lead in the 2030 Agenda. How can we Lead on Climate in Europe? How can we push for higher sustainability ambition globally? How can digitisation be an enabler? How can “We the Peoples’ Conferences” in 2022, parallel to Stockholm+50, become part of the solution? Can milestones for 2022, 2024 etc make us all commit to action? How far can we get by 2022? Welcome to a dialogue on speeding up action!

  • Anders Wijkman, Honorary President, Club of Rome, Earth4All Project
  • Malin Berge, Vice President, Strategic Growth, MasterCard
  • Ingmar Rentzhog, Founder & CEO, We Don't Have Time
  • Christina Carlmark, Coord. Nordic Region, Climate Reality Project Europe
  • Sakari Teerikoski, Curator, Global Shapers Community
  • Helena Lindemark, Founder, 2022 Initiative Foundation
  • Jan-Gustav Strandenæs, Board & Coord. UNEP Major Groups for Stockholm+50 UN Conf., 2022 Initiative & Stakeholder Forum
  • Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson, Moderator, We Don't Have Time
Kontaktperson 1:
Helena Lindemark, Founder & Chairperson, 2022 Initiative Foundation, helena.lindemark@2022initiative.org
Kontaktperson 2:
Christina Carlmark, Climate Reality Coordinator Nordic Region, Climate Reality Project Europe, christina.carlmark@telia.com

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